Mémoire d’Enfant 2022 / 2023

Moulin Roty has been delighting and entertaining children for 50 years! In this 2022 edition, we continue to offer you strong, timeless and above all playful products… at the service of imagination and creativity with lots of stories to tell!

Among the new products, a collection of refined dolls with a powdery universe is making its entrance. Children will have fun with new wild animals and beautifully illustrated games, inviting them to continue exploring the animal world. You will discover surprising little treasures and something to share with your family and friends, even on the road to vacation! For the Parisian women, Mademoiselle Églantine unveils an elegant bucolic outfit for a limited edition. While the other emblematic collections will continue to charm you…

Enjoy your discovery!

Le Jardin du Moulin 2022

To introduce children to the discovery of nature!
Delicately illustrated in watercolour and directed by four hands in the Moulin Roty workshops, three worlds to play with and explore:
Because learning by playing makes sense here, curious little ones will be able to have fun with new games illustrated with the wonders of nature… and rich in adventure! This year, little gardeners will discover extraordinary new seeds to grow, landscapes to create and a great adventure to share.

Les Petits 2022

Like every year, our favorite characters from the LES PETITS collections live incredible adventures.
In 2022, we discover them hidden in the heart of a magical forest, having a snack at the edge of the gourmet wood, hiding in the secret path of the forest spirits, giving free rein to their creativity at the edge of the impressionist lake… Each character goes about his or her business while enjoying the fresh air of this forest, with the sweet smells of palm trees and resinous pines mixed with those of majestic apple trees.

The new collection this year you have already had a small glimpse through the designs of our Little Habits. It is the spring and tender collection “Pomme des Bois” sprinkled with retro touches. Basket under the arm, discover now Anatole the donkey and Harry the squirrel on the small wooded paths, for a gathering of colored treasures! Musical and sensory activities, illustrated decoration, OEKO-TEX® certified bedding, there are all the essential accessories for the little ones.


Les Petits Habits Spring/Summer 2022


The scent of wild flowers and the song of birds enchant this walk along the hollow paths. See you in the meadow under the big apple tree, for a snack…

In collaboration with the illustrator Élodie Coudray, Moulin Roty presents its new spring/summer collection for toddlers, up to their 3 years. For this set of 34 pieces, we have selected soft and acid colors to go with these flowery and spring-like patterns.

The cuts are comfortable and perfectly adjusted to the movements of toddlers.

The 2021 Christmas catalog

In the heart of the forest, we can see the glimmer of a sweet fairy tale. The whole Big Family is gathered and is getting ready to celebrate the most wonderful Christmas. What a pleasure, everyone’s eyes are shining! The lights of the garlands dance, the tree sparkles, the Christmas spirit is there and everyone is busy preparing for the most magical moment of the year.

And to celebrate, until October 24th 2021 midnight, you can win the tree house, the weekend car, the caravan and 5 characters of the collection The big family ! For more information, check out our Instagram and Facebook page.

Les Petits Habits Automne/Hiver 2021


On the edge of the forest,
Coming home with a basket full of treasures and twigs caught up in our shoelaces, our forage in the forest has lasted all day long. Here’s to the next one…

In collaboration with the illustrator Elodie Coudray, Moulin Roty presents its new autumn-winter collection for little ones up to the age of 3. Drawn in pencil or created with stamps, forest-dwellers and autumn leaves feature on a collection of 26 pieces in deep, rich colours.