Les Petits 2020  !

Au milieu des feuillages, entre une plante sauvage ou de jolies fleurs séchées, se cachent de nouveaux compagnons… pour cette nouvelle année ! Dans LES PETITS 2020, chaque famille a choisi ses végétaux préférés, selon leurs utilisations et vertus secrètes, pour nous exprimer leur univers. Elles accueillent cette année la nouvelle bande de farceurs joyeux et colorés « Dans la jungle » avec plein d’activités pour les tout-petits ! A vous de composer votre bouquet idéal…

Mémoire d’Enfant

Children are full of curiosity and love to daydream, and their creativity has been inspiring Moulin Roty for almost 50 years. Once again, this year’s Mémoire d’Enfant catalogue presents toys and games with children in mind, giving them the freedom to put their own stamp on our stories or invent new ones!

They can have fun with three new textiles collections, as well as plenty of toys and games suitable for all ages. A giant mikado set, a multi-storey car park, furry characters; a whole host of new treasures to encourage children’s imagination to run wild!

These collections were designed by Moulin Roty’s dedicated team near Nantes,
also meeting with talented designers for increasingly inventive collaborations.


Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 Clothing Collection – Le Voyage d’Olga
Soft fabrics such as fur, cotton and slub fleece are beautifully decorated with fir trees and embroidered feathers. Autumn colours mixed with snow white and intense blue are embellished with subtle, poetic motifs. Our clothes are fitted and made from soft fabrics with all the gorgeous little details that make them so unique.

Nouveautés de septembre 2019

Out on the plains of the savannah, three new characters appear …
Paprika the lion, Bibiscus the giraffe and Bergamot the elephant. Under my baobab tree,  these three friends get together to tell lovely stories to little ones. Dressed in their cotton all-in-one, they feature on pretty decorative accessories, adorable patterned sleeping bags or perched on wooden rings. Gift boxes illustrated with watercolours have been especially designed for this new collection for newborns !

But our three friends are not alone! The Moustaches make their way into baby’s nursery, and the Voyage d’Olga range has expanded with new instruments, toys and decor.

Gorgeous new items for little ones… check them out here!