Noël !

16 October

The Christmas catalogue has arrived ! Christmas is coming / The holidays are getting close !

It seems like the Schmouks have gathered coloured papers, enchanted balls and big wool socks, preparing for an unorthodox Christmas…

Pop out your best golden pens, choose, and go !

The catalogue is available in the 160 selling points taking part in the operation, in the section “where to find us” !


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Les Schmouks !

24 June

Plok, Choukette, Boubou, Mouniand Pidou…  Hold onto your hats -here come the Schmouks!

As the illustrator and author of the ‘Gouniche’ character and the adventures of the ‘Flops’, Delphine Durand has teamed up with Moulin Roty to create a quirky collection of colourful characters: Les Schmouks.
Six months of sketches, discussion, stitching and seeking out the right furry fabrics have led to the birth of these brightly coloured friends, with interesting textures and big round eyes. Sporting shaggy hair, spotty furand electric blue manes, they stand out from the crowd with their eccentric style that’s somewhere between crazy rocker and new wave supermodel!
Their huge smiles, disproportionate bodies and crazy fur make them a truly appealing bunch that children of all ages will love!

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Moulin Roty – La Broderie

29 April

Because each child is unique, Moulin Roty offers a large choice of articles that can be personalized with his or her name.

The happiness of their childhood will be kept forever thanks to the quality of Moulin Roty’s products.

More than 100 references out of 10 collections can be embroidered for any occasion : birth, birthday, decoration . . . Unique knowhow and quality that ensures that the embroidery will last.

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Nouveau catalogue Les Petits 2019 !

15 January

Discover the new Moulin Roty Les Petits catalogue! Drift along the Loire with the poetic Voyage d’Olga and meet new adventures!

Keep your eyes wide open and let yourself dream!

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Le catalogue de Noël est arrivé !

24 October

Moulin Roty vous offre, cette année encore, son catalogue de Noël rempli de jeux aux matières nobles et très joliment illustrés, des idées pour s’éveiller, câliner, explorer, cuisiner… ou inventer des histoires.

Des jouets pour faire durer l’enfance, développer l’imaginaire et le goût des beaux objets.

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Nouveau catalogue !

04 July

Plongez dans un nouveau catalogue Mémoire d’Enfant !

Haut en couleurs, découvrez nos nouveaux produits, festifs et colorés pour les plus petits et les plus grands ! Venez à la rencontre de nos nouveaux personnages, parfois déjantés, souvent délicats et toujours sympathiques !

Un nouveau personnage décalé dans les Broc’n Rolls, une Parisienne en série limitée, des produits pour les anniversaires et les fêtes…
Mais aussi cette année, des produits pour embellir sa garde-robe, qui plairont aussi beaucoup aux mamans, des tattoos pas kitch, des coffrets cinéma pour des nuits de magie !

Et toujours des jouets et jeux en métal réinventés et illustrés avec talent, de petits jeux à emporter partout, des instruments de musique pour s’émerveiller, jouer, grandir !

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Les Jouets du Printemps

20 March

As the weather picks up, birds are busy building their nests and nature brightens in colour.

Moulin Roty accompanies the change in season with a selection of toys and objects that encourage kids to explore, plant and laugh with friends.

Have fun playing in the garden or on the balcony, discover plants and animals, hide in a teepee . . . as the days grow longer, adventure calls!


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Les Petits 2018

31 January

Under a shower of confetti and streamers, 2018 celebrates the arrival of the Jolis Trop Beaux!

A subtle blend of colours and textures for this new collection which includes 4 adorable new characters. The Jolis Trop Beaux are a loveable bunch of friends who live in a graphic but tender world where each product comes in a choice of three colours. For both boys and girls, this new range is particularly rich and varied offering a multitude of colour combinations.

All the collections hurry to strike the pose in front of the camera to mark the occasion !

Our Universe ! 

Les Petits Habits hiver

05 September

Soft fabrics such as fur, cotton and slub fleece are beautifully decorated with fir trees and embroidered feathers. Autumn colours mixed with snow white and intense blue are embellished with subtle, poetic motifs. Our clothes are fitted and made from soft fabrics with all the gorgeous little details that make them so unique.

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NEW – Mémoire d’Enfant 2019-2020

20 June

Children are full of curiosity and love to daydream, and their creativity  has been inspiring Moulin Roty for almost 50 years. Once again, this year’s  Mémoire d’Enfant catalogue presents toys and games with children in mind, giving them the freedom to put their own stamp on our stories or invent new ones!

A giant mikado set, a multi-storey car park, furry characters; a whole host of new treasures to encourage children’s imagination to run wild!

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Les Petits Habits PE 2019 – Le Voyage d’Olga

25 January

A light breeze caresses the new collection ‘Le Voyage d’Olga’ from Moulin Roty.
Chaussette the fox crosses rivers and flower filled prairies to join Josephine the whale. Together they dive into the dark blue summer night lit by twinkling stars.
Olga’s golden feathers adorn comfortable, detailed fabrics whilst stripes and dots highlight adjusted fits.

Each piece is an invitation for adventure.
Enter the world of Olga, enter a collection full of grace and tenderness.

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Welcome !

07 November

Alphonse, Fernand and Lulu are three happy, moustachioed tom cats with an elegant look, a touch snazzy.
They share a love of beautiful instruments and cosy atmospheres. Up on the rooftops, the group plays music until night falls under the amused eye of Mr. Owl, their faithful companion.

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Les Nouveautés de Septembre

15 September

Septembre est arrivé, avec la rentrée et de très belles nouveautés !

Entrez dans l’univers chaleureux et délicat des Moustaches ! Alphonse, Fernand et Lulu, tendre trio moustachu. Là-haut sur les toits, à la nuit tombée, ils aiment jouer de la musique et swinguer ! Mais pas avant d’être passés chez leur ami barbier pour se faire pomponner !

D’autres nouveautés rejoignent ces joyeux lurons.

Chez les Jolis Trop Beaux : des géants à câliner, des porteurs et chaussons pour les plus grands, sans oublier des sacs douillets pour le coucher. La Grande Famille, quant à elle, accueille de nouvelles activités illustrées. Et pour terminer l’année, au pied du sapin, nous n’avons pas oublié boules à neige, lampes à histoires ou encore chevaux à bascule colorés.

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La Broderie Moulin Roty

04 June

Moulin Roty offers a large choice of articles that can be personalized with his or her name.
The happiness of their childhood will be kept forever thanks to the quality of Moulin Roty’s products.

More than 70 references out of 6 collections can be embroidered for any occasion : birth, birthday, decoration . . . Unique knowhow and quality that ensures that the embroidery will last.

A personalized Moulin Roty card can be add to your gift at no extra cost, simply ask us when you place your order.

Your order will be delivered within 72 hours direct to a Moulin Roty retailer in France. Please consult us for delivery to other destinations.

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Le Jardin du Moulin

09 March

Voilà le printemps ! Les petits jardiniers enfilent les bottes et courent au jardin.
Pour les explorateurs et les botanistes, c’est un jardin tout neuf à découvrir !

Le Jardin du Moulin propose toute une gamme de produits pour initier les tout – petits à la découverte de la nature. Une collection autour de trois axes pour apprendre aux enfants à devenir tour à tour, explorateur, botaniste et jardinier.

Découvrez tous les trésors de la nature avec des yeux d’enfant !

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Nouvelle collection !

29 January

Out of the magical hat pops a mouse in her tutu, a multitude of amusing animals followed by a hefty elephant . . . welcome to the show!

Les Petits Habits presents its new Summer 2018 collection on the theme of ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ (Once Upon a Time).

A mischievous, sprightly collection where stripes meet flower prints and soft, powdery tones contrast with black and gold. Muslin and airy cotton associated with mottled jersey enfold little ones in comfort and tenderness.

A sprinkling of stars and quirky embossed prints, Les Petits Habits ‘Il Etait Une Fois’ tell a contemporary tale full of magic and fantasy . . .