Any questions?

Where can I find Moulin Roty products?

Our items are available in more than 3000 points of sale. Take a look at the map of France which shows the shops where you can find Moulin Roty. You will also find information about stores that sell our products abroad. The shops that sell Moulin Roty can advise and guide you about our products.

Can I buy Moulin Roty on-line?

The items that figure in our current catalogues are available in our traditional distribution network where our partners can guide and advise you. You can also buy our products on the websites of our customers, the list is here.

Can you tell me the price of a product?

At Moulin Roty, we design products. We do not manage sales and can therefore not give you the price of any product. We invite you to contact one of our partner shops.

Can I receive a catalogue by post?

We no longer send our catalogue out by post, our happy little friends prefer to be seen in a more animated version. You can now consult our catalogues on-line! If you would like to get to know one of them better, visit the nearest shop to where you live.

Are security constraints respected?

The well-being of small children is an absolute priority at Moulin Roty. Quality and security are commitments to which we strive on a daily basis. Each material, each product has been subjected to extensive tests. We work with independent accredited laboratories which carry out tests for toxicity, material resistance and tensile strength on our toys before granting a certificate of conformity. More information can be found on the page Quality Commitment.

Can I receive advertising articles?

We do not offer advertising articles, nor discount coupons. Our comforters are aimed to make you fall in love with them, they are toys to be discovered and to cherish. We simply hope that you will want to meet them in one of our shops where they are waiting for a very special friend to come and find them.

My child has lost his or her comforter. What can I do?

We can launch a search party for any Moulin Roty comforter that no longer figures in our current catalogue. To help our savers in their search, please fill out the form ‘Save my Doudou’.

Can you repair a damaged comforter?

There is no hospital at Moulin Roty for damaged comforters. We hope that you are able to repair any little scratch with tenderness . . . You can also contact the service ‘Save my Doudou’ to replace the damaged comforter.

How do I care for my comforter?

When it is wash time for your child’s comforter, a quick dip in the washing machine at 30°C (delicate cycle) with a gentle washing detergent followed by a short spin will ensure that our colour fast fabrics keep their original quality. Given the performance of new generation washing machines (high spin / minute), we advise you to place our items in a special washing bag or pillow-case. The maximum speed we advise is 500 spins / minute (delicate cycle). You can then place the comforter in the dryer if you like, on a delicate cycle.
If the product contains a musical box, surface washing only is recommended. Do not under any circumstances place an item with a musical box in a dryer.
* except where specified on our labels (eg. Dry-clean only)
And there you go! Your child’s comforter will be nice and clean, ready for more hugs from his or her friend!
For more information, see the page ‘Quality Commitment’

Where can I find Moulin Roty birth announcement cards?

Moulin Roty has partnered with to offer you a selection of original, colourful birth announcement cards figuring our different collections.

Discover each of our characters on fun cards and make a beautiful announcement on the arrival of your baby.

Where can I find a light-bulb for a bed-side lamp?

Light-bulbs for our night-lights are available in DIY shops as light-bulbs for fridges 220v – 15w.
Light-bulbs for our bed-side lamps with a transformer are available in supermarkets and specialised stores as ‘12v – 15w light-bulbs’.
Your child’s lamp will diffuse a warm glow again . . . The shops that offer Moulin Roty will be able to advise and guide you about our products.

What is the procedure for contacting our after-sales service?

The best solution is to contact the point of sale where the purchase was made and where the retailer can advise you. The item in question also has a production series number on its label which you can send to us along with any further questions to the following address