Moulin Roty & ” Les P’tits Doudous “

Les P’tits Doudous is an association created in Rennes in 2010, composed of nurses, nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists of the University Hospital, to give back the smile to the children during their surgical intervention. They had the simple idea of offering a small cuddly toy to the children for a gentle awakening and they immediately thought of Moulin Roty to help them in their approach.

We have immediately adhered to this project, and have decided very quickly to collaborate in the projects of the association. Our SCOP status makes us particularly receptive to these collaborative projects, which require us to be inventive and creative in order to shake up habits.

Moreover, as a player in the world of children, we could not but adhere to the idea of bringing softness and play into the hospital.


This idea has made its way, with the creation of a game on tablet “The Hero is You”, imagined and developed by the association thanks to a company from Rennes, to accompany the child and make him/her an actor of his/her hospital journey, from his/her room to the operating room, until he/she falls asleep. The main character of the game is our little dog from the Les Jolis Pas Beaux collection. The main character of the game is our little dog from the Jolis Pas Beaux collection. Thanks to him, less medication and more serene children during these stressful moments.


Today, 114 associations have been created in France with more than 1500 volunteer caregivers and more than one million operated children supported. We decided together to create in 2016, 3 little bears in the colors of the association’s logo: blue, green and pink. A little grey bear joined his buddies in 2019! These are intended for more than 100,000 children per year, in all the branches of the association in France and in the DOM-TOM. And for each large comforter purchased, a gift is offered to a child in hospital.


12 years after the creation of the 1st association Les P’tits Doudous at the University Hospital of Rennes, the recognition of the action is national and the support is growing. In 2020, 5,000 P’tits Doudous were given to children operated on in the four corners of the world thanks to a crowdfunding campaign launched by the association. During the same period, Armel Tripon and our P’tit Doudou Gris were sailing around the world in the Vendée Globe! Still together in the Jacques Vabre transatlantic race and the next Route du Rhum, Armel, the P’tits Doudous and Moulin Roty will continue to carry the colors of the association high for children and caregivers!


In 2021, Nolwenn Febvre, nurse-anesthetist and president-founder of the association Les P’tits Doudous, was named Knight of the National Order of Merit by François Hollande, president of the foundation “la France s’engage” (foundation whose goal is to help project leaders).