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19 January

Let the music play ! Les Petits have taken over Grandma’s house to improvise a jam session, with anything they could get their hands on!

The atmosphere is joyful and festive and you can hear all types of musical genres : sweet and gracious melody for the brand new collection Les Petits Dodos, salsa for Les Zig & Zag, chacha – rumba for Les Pachats, Peruvian music for Les Jolis pas Beaux, percussions for La Grande Famille and ‘aquatic’ trombone for Les Papoum…

Come and participate in the 2017 concert !


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Our selection for Christmas

25 October

As night falls and the stars appear, three little wish-making mice scurry about collecting thousands of treasure. Under the glow of their magic lantern, they find all the toys that little ones dream of!

Take a peek at our new Christmas catalogue and discover our selection of gift ideas for babies, toddlers and older kids, to play, dream, invent and have fun!


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The new clothing collection Les Petits Habits !

28 July

It may be summer but it’s also time to prepare for autumn.

To clothe your little one this season, Moulin Roty presents its brand new apparel collection on the Papoum theme!

Take a delightful stroll on the back of a little lion cub from a collection of clothing that is cozy and comfortable in warm, spicy tones.

Numerous, colourful, animal designs play hide and seek and let you discover their new adventures throughout the collection.

The new Papoum Autumn / Winter 2016-2017 clothing collection is now in store . . . are you ready to play!


New collection the Tartempois

16 June

On the road with our gangly friends Les Tartempois, to see what they have come up with for your toddlers bedroom.
Discover a new bedding collection that is both sophisticated and colourful with cotton and linen in energetic colors : pink and curry, turquoise and blue, with a sprinkle of stars…
Not forgetting the selection of decorative items , with wall prints, lightshades, etc. as well as birth gifts and activity toys to accompany baby all day long!


So let’s go!



Les Petits Habits : Les Papoum Summer 2016

19 January


The grand parade of animals gradually emerges, from the smallest to the largest, with small children riding on their backs.

Discover the latest collection of Les Petits Habits : Les Papoum Summer 2016. Light, soft romper suits, colorful head scarfs, dresses, shorts, cardigans and comfortable sweatshirts that are great for playing around in.


A wardrobe punctuated with warm and spicy colours, associating linen and cotton prints with fresh delicate motifs, that are both graphic and comfortable. An invitation to relax, take a stroll, or even a ride on the back of an elephant!

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The collection is now in-store so consult our list of retailers on the ‘Where to find us’ page.


Happy 2016 !

04 January


Back to school !

27 August

It may be time to go back to school but the film show is still screening!

Don’t miss the grand premiere of our new items for September starring Les Papoum in the leading role and Les Cousins du Moulin, Ma Poupée, the Pachats and a charming Mademoiselle in supporting roles.

The film of the autumn season is about to begin, take a seat and enjoy the show!


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Petit Chose

12 June

Let yourself be carried away by a beautiful story; a gentle, flower-filled journey in the company of ‘Petit Chose’.
Cuddly little imps who will take you by the hand and lead you towards a world of tenderness and poetry.

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Bonne année !

03 January

Les Petits Dodos
wish you a 2017 full of tenderness,
gentleness and happiness ! 

Discover them soon on our website.


New items !

16 September

This autumn, the Zig & Zag come down from the highlands of Mongolia with much fanfare, accompanied by numerous musical instruments and wooden toys. The little mouse Mademoiselle, with her new bed linen, invites you to the ballet where three ravishing dolls enter the dance . . .

On with the music!


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Join the dance, our new Mémoire d’Enfant catalogue is putting on a show !

23 June

It’s show time with special performances on each floor!


Straight out of a road movie, the Broc & Roll’s come on stage – a wacky, off-beat band of five exotic creatures (both literally and figuratively!)


Tiny, adorable mice run amongst the sceneries stocked in the attic


Beautiful Parisiennes sing sweet melodies to the stars.


All of the artists pass under the sharp gaze of two very special agents, Miss Alice and Nestor Pruneau, conducting a secret investigation behind the scenes. Come see the show, from the repetitions to the grand performance.


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The Spring catalogue is now in store !

21 March

Hurray! It’s springtime!

Our new catalogue is full of wonderful gift ideas and toys for little ones to play with when the sun comes out!

We have brought together tea sets, bicycle bells, and even Leon and Pierrette! You will find things to dress up in, skipping ropes, huggable comforters – toys for inside and out, all for you!

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New catalog 2016 !

14 January

Take a programme for 2016!

It’s movie time for Les Petits! Attend the previously unseen screening of new heros, the Zig & Zag, in the exquisite company of the charming Mademoiselle, the adventurers of the savannah – the Papoum, the Pachats in their original version and numerous tales to be told.

All the actors from this new catalogue are waiting to greet you!

Flick through the catalogue, here!


Our Christmas catalogue is here !

12 November


That magical time of year is fast approaching and the Tartempois are already on the road to join Father Christmas!
Their expedition to the North Pole will take them through numerous countries where they will make lots of wonderful encounters. All along the way, Christmas is being prepared and bit by bit the magic takes over . . .

Climb aboard and share a fantastical and festive adventure with them, our selection of gift ideas will delight little ones this winter!

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New catalogue Mémoire d’Enfant

18 June

Roll out the red carpet, Mémoire d’enfant 2015 is in the spotlight! You have VIP tickets for the show, which stars new graphics from the “Jouets Métal”, and fantastic adventures for the “Histoires du Soir”. Meet the “Popipop” behind the scences and the “Tartempois” on Route 66 . . .

“Les Coquettes” have had a costume change for the next shot and new mysterious, elegant characters make their grand entrance in the collection “Il était une fois” . . .

Discover the movie and all the new items which make up this Mémoire d’Enfant catalogue.

So . . . lights, camera, action !

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The Papoum are now in store !

11 June

A new collection full of tenderness in delicate tones, discover the whole Papoum range on our site as well as in-store.

Lions, hippos and elephants accompanied by their little ones meet in the middle of the savannah for their evening bath. They accompany baby under a star-filled sky. . .

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